Friday, 28 September 2012

The Inspiration for The Toymaker blog

We personally admire the work of Arvind Gupta - the dedicated science popularizer, writer, and a real toymaker who has been a lighthouse for us and now is the inspiration for the Toymaker Blog. This blog is dedicated to such toymakers and all the curious children of the world who are less - privileged or deprived from the formal education but are creative enough to make their ways through 'learn by doing.'


"I still recall, as a child in India I used to watch Arvind Gupta on Doordarshan and wonder how his magical fingers create toys from trash."

Inspired by his work, and my interest in collecting & making toys, this blog is to share the joy of learning by doing.

In my little ways I'll soon be posting interesting blogs on Toy & Puzzle making,
and also about Tangram, OrigamiPhillumeny and more....

I'm looking forward for your valuable comments & suggestions.

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Keep Creating the Joy of Learning,

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